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Canadians for Youth Leadership and Action

The Grand-Friends Project

An Idea

It is all about connection. We want to form friendships across generations so we will all be happier people. Seniors and undergraduate students will be matched based on their interests, availability, and preferred meeting locations. They will have an opportunity to meet each other once a week for coffee and to go to monthly social events with other participants.


Want to participate? More information coming soon! Please check back in a few days.

Project Leaders

We are looking for two people to lead this project. 

Leaders’ main responsibilities:

Advertise the project and contact participants
Organize monthly events
Talk to participants and be available to solve any conflicts that may arise

Skills needed:
Leadership and initiative
Communication skills
People skills

We would like to see evidence of experience:
With leadership (any activity where you had to take initiative or solve problems)
With communication skills (volunteer or work involving communication with others)
Experience working with seniors, planning events, or programming are assets

Benefits of being a project leader:
Be a part of something meaningful, creating connection in our community
Valuable experience leading a project

Want to be a leader?
If you would like to be a Grand-Friends leader, please email us at cyla.bcchapter@gmail.com answering the following questions.


Phone Number:


Skype ID:

Why would you like to be a Grand-Friends leader? (100-200 words)

In what ways would you be a good project leader? In your answer, please explain how your previous experience with leadership, communication, or any other relevant skills would be helpful in this project. (300-500 words)

We want to have monthly events where all the seniors and students get together. These events should be an opportunity for participants to bond with their grand-friend but also to form a community with the entire group. What sort of events would you want to organize? Please explain how these event would help us with our goals and how we could do them. (250-350 words)