Julianne Nieh

​​​School Director at UBC, Social Media Director, and Member of the Board of Directors

Western Canada Team

Tony Liang
School Director at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary

2014 - Simon Krakovsky, Mack Zhao, and Jackson Yang founded CYLA.

2015 - Our membership has expanded to over 100 members in 6 high schools across the Lower Mainland.

Future We look to have over 500 members in 15 high schools across the Lower Mainland.

our Executive team

Matthew Cheesman
Events Host

Brian Deng
School Director at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary

our organization

The CYLA is composed of dedicated, well-rounded, and inspiring individuals who seek to make an impact in their community. 

Phoebe Chen

School Director at McRoberts Secondary

Karl Cui

School Director at UTSG

Maryanna Kong

Sponsorships Director and School Director at UTM

Adam Clark

School Director at King David Secondary

Athena Chen
School Director at Steveston-London Secondary

Membership History

Sean Tong
School Director at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary

Erica Zhu

School Director at McGill University

Mack Zhao 

Regional Director for Eastern Canada and School Director at UTM

Seika Taniguchi

Simon Krakovsky


Xavier Mainwaring
School Director at St.John's School

Tony Chen

School Director at UTSG

mission & vision

We believe in empowering Canadian youth and giving them the tools to become leaders to guide us towards a more caring and compassionate society.

Nicholas Jo
School Director at Eric Hamber Secondary

A registered non-profit organization

Mack Zhao
Executive Vice-President for Eastern Canada

Bowen Liu

Co-School Director at Richmond Secondary

I have always wanted to make a real difference in my community, but there was no organization that gave me enough guidance and support to take on my own initiatives. CYLA is the perfect platform for any young person to give back to their community in a simple and effective manner.

Canadians for Youth Leadership and Action

Maya Tseng

School Director at the University of Ottawa

Alex Wang
Official Photographer and School Director at Sir Winston Churchill 


EAstern Canada Team

Bob Zhou

School Director at Western University

Bayan Nooreddine
Co-School Director at Richmond Secondary

Holly Morrison
School Director at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary

Maya Lewis

School Director at McGill University

Carlen Liborio
School Director at Carson Graham Secondary

Joseph Dillman

School Director 

Lina Kim
School Director at UBC

recent programs

Our recent fundraising efforts have raised over $10,000 for new initiatives concerning youth locally and in the larger community.