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  • A registered non-profit organization

    Canadians for Youth Leadership and Action

    Join A cyla initiative today!

    Our goal is to change the status quo of community service and volunteering in Canada.

    With CYLA, you can have the unique and personal experience of creating your own initiative. It can be anything, from organizing a one day workshop to a weekly gathering.

    We want you to be a true leader, and be involved in all the steps of your project.

    How? It can be done in4 simple steps:

    1. Identify your passion: it can be academic, extracurricular, or cause-related. Think of an issue or activity that makes you want to jump out of bed.
    2. Add an educational lens to your passion:the goal of CYLA is for students to educate other students. This can be done with virtually any passion, as long as knowledge is being passed along. Find how you can either educate yourself, or others with your passion. What type of initiative would you be able to hold?
    3. Build a team:depending on your initiative, you might need a group of like minded individuals to have your back. Find people who will be committed to helping you organize your initiative, and to keep you on track of your goals, whatever they may be.
    4. Seek funding: not everything in life is free, and that’s why you have the support of CYLA. We will be happy to fund an initiative that adheres to our values of leadership and action. Just let us know if you need any funds, or try seeking sponsorships on your own. Many local businesses are willing to help future leaders like yourself.
    With these four steps, you will be on your way to becoming a leader and director of CYLA. We’re here to support you every step of the way, but we want you to set the pace.

    Ultimately, we want to give anyone the opportunity to succeed. You don't have to be the most outspoken, the smartest or even the most attractive.

    You just need to have a spark, that can turn into something bigger.