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Many of our projects are on hold due to COVID-19. Contact us directly for more information on ongoing projects.

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Looking for a cause to support? CYLA offers corporate sponsors a powerful platform in which they can better connect with the members of their community as well as supporting our charitable initiatives.

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Canadians for Youth Leadership and Action is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to support the education of Canadian youth in developing leadership skills. We set out to provide scholarships, mentorships, and educational opportunities to foster future leaders for our community.


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CYLA educates Canadian youth through mentorships and educational opportunities designed to expand their understanding of what it means to be a leader. We also provide scholarships to help outstanding young leaders fund their post-secondary education. 

A registered non-profit organization

Canadians for Youth Leadership and Action

Become a member of the CYLA family and take charge in your community! Find a CYLA club in your school and join us today.

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